The members of the Department of Political and Social Science are deeply committed to the field of public engagement, namely to all non-profit activities emphasizing education, culture and social development.

The department's non-profit activities emphasizing education, culture and social development include the following: collaborating with new and traditional media; consulting with national, international and EU institutions, non-profit organizations and third sector bodies; participating in activities designed for disadvantaged categories and groups and in initiatives related to development and international cooperation; organizing socio-cultural events and initiatives promoting dissemination activities and participating in the design of public interest programmes in collaboration with other bodies and institutions.

The department, both as a whole and through its faculty and researchers, is also active in exploiting and identifying the value of research; to that end, it supports the activities through which research results are actively transformed into knowledge useful for productive purposes. Some of the ways in which the department and its members operate for the development of knowledge that is relevant for production include research projects on behalf of third parties, collaborations with local authorities, courts and social promotion associations, and participating in and/or being responsible for tenders and research projects promoted and funded by external parties.