Research laboratories

G. Mizzau Teaching Laboratory

The laboratory hosts teaching and research activities. 

It provides support to the teaching activities of the department's undergraduate and doctoral courses, most of which involve seminars on the main statistical applications and software for the analysis and interpretation of both quantitative and qualitative data. Facilities are available to support both in-class and remote training and teaching (interactive whiteboard, simultaneous connection and videoconferencing system for distance learning).

The laboratory is also used to support research in the area of social sciences.

Moreover, the laboratory includes a “Visual Media” classroom that may be used upon reservation and with the supervision of the Master’s degrees’ tutors to carry out laboratory activities with vocational purposes for hands-on learning and acquisition of skills required in various areas of communication. Equipment and software for video and image editing and for the creation of multimedia materials are also available in the classroom.

The topics under research include:

  • Big Data and Social Sciences;
  • Income Study Cross-National Dataset;
  • Strategy and economics;
  • Content analysis;
  • Communication and marketing.

Equipment Available in the Laboratory

  • Interactive whiteboard;
  • VIA (a tool for the immediate and simultaneous connection of all the room’s devices);
  • 18 computer stations;
  • A Mac computer with software for videomaking, photo editing and creation of multimedia materials.


Teaching and Training

The G. Mizzau teaching laboratory provides its own resources, including a computer room with 18 workstations, in support of:

  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis and interpretation, practical lessons for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of social sciences
  • The preparation of the final dissertation
  • The development of research projects for doctoral and post-doctoral students;
  • Laboratory activities with vocational purposes in the field of communication.


  • Domenico Piscitelli

    D cat. - technical, scientific and data processing area, Teaching tutor

    SPS - Technical and IT services office

    Strada Maggiore, 45 - Bologna (BO)

    Tel: +39 051 20 9 2512

    Fax: +39 051 234036