One of the department's strategic priorities is to further the integration between university teaching and research and the educational activities promoted in primary and secondary schools.

The department has a well-established network of relationships and contacts with schools, particularly secondary schools, aimed at raising the students' awareness of political and social disciplines and promoting issues related to political participation, economic and international cooperation and European integration. Thus, initiatives and lessons involving primary and secondary school students and teachers are organized in collaboration with the Punto Europa centre and the Jean Monnet Chair, together with local bodies and institutions such as the Ufficio scolastico regionale dell’Emilia Romagna (Regional School Office of Emilia Romagna, Italian version). They aim to teach students about political participation and, by sharing information and in-depth studies on the EU, about European citizenship. For this purpose, a group of students from the Master's degree courses is formed each year to work in schools, thereby improving their skills and creating a bridge between schools and universities.

The department also regularly schedules orientation activities for students in their final years of secondary school. Since the choice of the degree programme should be made by each student autonomously and consciously, taking into account their expectations and inclinations, the department offers secondary school students various opportunities to get to know the academic world. Through Open Days events, the Almaorienta days at the University of Bologna, the participation of its professors to initiatives organized by local students and schools, the department presents the programmes of its first-cycle master's degree courses, the teaching support services (libraries, access to online bibliographic resources, IT and language laboratories) and the several opportunities for international mobility and internationalization.