Summer School " Changes and Challenges in International Relations"

  • Data: dal 12 ottobre 2018 alle 10:00 al 15 ottobre 2018 alle 16:00

  • Luogo: Palazzo Hercolani, Strada Maggiore 45, Bologna

Dipartimento di eccellenza

The PhD Summer School addresses some of the most important theoretical and empirical questions in contemporary international politics, with a special focus on how to understand global changes and challenges in foreign policy and international security. The PhD Summer School will take place from October 12 to October 15  2018 and will be organized into four major areas: Theoretical Problems in the Study of IR; Strategic Thought in IR Theory;  Formal Theory in IR; Qualitative Methods for Studying IR. The PhD Summer School is organized in cooperation  with the XI Annual Conference of the Italian Standing Group on International Relations.

The PhD Summer School has been organized by the Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna which was funded as Department of Excellence MIUR (departments ranked first in Italy for their research quality  under the  Finance Law 232,  01.12.2016) in cooperation with the XI Annual Conference of the SGRI "Italian Standing Group on International Relations"