International Workshop “Age of Fracture: citizenship, ideologies, global politics"

  • Data: 17 maggio 2018 dalle 10:30 alle 18:00

  • Luogo: Aula Jemolo, Palazzo Hercolani, Strada Maggiore 45, Bologna

The seminar is organized by CISPEA and the Department of Political and social sciences of the University of Bologna, with the financial support of  the US Embassy in Rome. The goal of the initiative is to deepen a conversation on the fragmentation and the collapse of all master narratives, which are particularly crucial in the new, uncertain political contexts affecting both the transatlantic and global spaces. Trump’s election in the United States, the rise of new populisms in Italy and Europe, Brexit, the crisis of international liberal order are some of the symptoms of the ‘fracture’ we would like to explore, by stimulating a discussion on this category from different methodological perspectives, involving American, European and Italian scholars.

Speakers :

Daniel T. Rodgers ,Michael Freeden, Sergio Fabbrini, Federico Romero, Andi Shehu

Plenary discussion, Introductory remarks:

Cristina Bon, Lorenzo Costaguta , Alice Ciulla, Marta Gara, Matteo Giglioli


Demetrio Antolini, Eleonora Cappuccilli, Valentina Casini, Michele Cento, Alessandro De Cola, Roberta Ferrari, Alessia Gasparini, Martina Mallocci, Mattia Mitrano, Serena Mocci, Francesco Davide Ragno, Angela Santese.

The seminar takes place in English.