Nato Model Event - 2018 Edition Call for application deadline is 16/04/2018

Previous Editions

Nato Model Event 2017 Decennial Edition: ‘Securing Peace through Multilateralism ACT-UNIBO NME at 10+: Taking Stock, Looking Forward’

The Nato Model Event 2017, now at its 10th edition, has offered highly performing and motivated IR students a unique opportunity to role-play as negotiators in the evolving context of global security, through the management of multilateral crises in the North Atlantic Council (NAC).


Under the auspices of the University of Bologna (Rector’s Delegate Prof.S.Bianchini, Dean of the School of Political Sciences Prof.P.Zurla) and of the Comune di Forlì (Mayor Dr. D.Drei) a Round Table opened the Event (29 Novembre 2017), on ‘NATO: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities’ and on the relevance of crisis simulation exercises attended by NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) officers, Academic lecturers (Unibo and Other Universities) and Practicioners. Prof. Sonia Lucarelli, who is responsible for the Unibo-NATO Act partnership for the University of Bologna, has opened the Table with a speech on ‘NATO and European Security’. Lt.Colonel Romano Dell’Aere, the Head of the ACT NATO Model Event Team, discussed the relevance of crisis management simulations towards NATO’s transformation to meet non-conventional threats, while Prof. Andrea Locatelli (Università Cattolica, Milan) contributed with a speech on ‘Nato and transatlantic relations’, focusing on the evolution of the US role under the current Trump Presidency. Former Unibo-Nato Model Event participants and NATO ACT interns, currently international consultants, intervened on the topic 'Consulting for security: academic and professional experience', sharing their insights about past experiences in prior simulations and career building strategies in international consulting.

The Round Table offered participants a chance to focus on NATO’s adaptation to current and future security challenges, reflecting the strategies and potential usefulness of simulated crisis-management exercises to enhance the achievement of peaceful, lasting solutions of disputes through the practice of multilateral negotiations.

Cyber-security and instability in the MENA region have been two major issues faced by simulated-NAC delegates in this edition, that was held in the prestigious Sala Randi and Sala Calamandrei of the Comune di Forlì. To celebrate the 10-year long ACT-UNIBO cooperation in the organization of Nato Model Events, a series of special initiatives has been envisaged in the context of the Project ‘Securing Peace through Multilateralism ACT-UNIBO NME at 10+: Taking Stock, Looking Forward’, coordinated by Prof. Eugenia Baroncelli (University of Bologna), with the support of MMPWEBTV (University of Bologna - Forlì Campus).

Co-sponsored by NATO Allied Command Transformation and the University of Bologna (Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, Scuola di Scienze Politiche - Vicepresidenza di Forlì, and Campus Forlì), and endorsed by the Comune di Forlì, the 2-day Academic Program has provided participants with selected tools to take an informed, expert-led journey into NATO’s negotiation practice and evolving policies.

Prior to the Simulation, students have been allocated roles as National representatives (ambassadors 29) in the NAC, Secretary General (1), and Media representatives (5). In addition to being knowledgeable with NATO structure, mission and policies, and to prepare for the Simulation, the ambassadors and media representatives have deepened their knowledge on the foreign policies of their assigned country/media roles. They have been alerted to the relevance of bargaining effectively in the NAC, and to handle visibility issues, devise communication strategies and handle potential press leakages.

During the Simulation: The 2-day Model Event has been guided by ACT staff, with the support of Unibo personnel, through dedicated ACT simulation software and external audio-visual services.

At the Closing ceremony (30 Novembre 2017), greeted by Dr. E.Giovannetti (Assessore Cultura e Pari Opportunità, Comune di Forlì) the students, ‘Ambassadors’, ‘Secretary General’ and ‘Journalists’, have been awarded a Certificate of Attendance by ACT and Unibo staffs.

After the Simulation: please check this website regularly for further updates on the Special Activities in the context of the Project ‘Securing Peace through Multilateralism ACT-UNIBO NME at 10+: Taking Stock, Looking Forward’.

The NATO Model Event: a flagship activity of the Unibo-ACT partnership

Since 2007, under the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Bologna and the NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation HQ (SACT HQ), the School of Political Sciences – Forlì VP has been hosting the ‘Nato Model Event’ on a yearly basis.

In the past 10 years, the Unibo-Nato ACT ‘Nato Model Event’ has allowed more than 300 highly performing students to practice the political management and communication of international crises in the North Atlantic Council through role-play as national representatives of NATO member states, Secretary general and the Media. ‘Great, challenging, fun’ has been one among the most recurrent feedbacks across time. Among past participants, some have continued along that track in their professional careers, as international officers or consultants on the multilateral management of security crises.

In addition to students from the School of Political Sciences of the University of Bologna, past Editions of the Nato Model Event have been attended by students from, among others, The University of Bath, The University of Cork (UCC), The University of Dublin (UCD), The University of Ljubljana, The University of Amsterdam, The Nova Universitade of Lisbon, The European University Institute, The Johns Hopkins University (Bologna Center), The University of Aarhus, Ozyegin University, The Università Cattolica (Milan), The Università Statale (Milan), The University of Palermo, The University of Catania, The University of Pavia, The University of Parma.

Please check this website regularly for future updates on the Special initiatives to celebrate the 10-year ACT-Unibo Partnership in the organization of Nato Model Events in the context of the Project ‘Securing Peace through Multilateralism ACT-UNIBO NME at 10+: Taking Stock, Looking Forward’.

Previous Editions

Between June 27 and July 1, 2016 the Nato Model Event concluded the First NATO ACT-Unibo Summer Workshop. During the Workshop ‘Nato and Security Challenges: Institutions and Policies, Key Trends and Best Practices’. On that occasion, NATO staff, academicians and practitioners interacted with the students, selected through a competitive international call on cooperative security and NATO partnerships, collective defense and crisis management beyond Art.5, NATO-UN relations, key trends in international politics and their implications for the future role of NATO.

Co-sponsored by The NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and the University of Bologna (Scuola di Scienze Politiche - Vicepresidenza di Forlì, Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali) the 5-day Academic Program was hosted in Forlì, from June 27 through July 1 2016, by the Forlì VP at the Palazzo Morgagni venue and at the Sala del Consiglio of the Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì. A one-of-a kind opportunity to gain targeted skills and yearly up-to-date knowledge to discuss-reflect on NATO’s current and future challenges, the NATO ACT – Unibo Summer Workshop has spurred discussion on multilateral security management across regions and policies, from social-scientific (institutional) and policy-oriented (pragmatic) angles. Additionally, the NATO-Unibo Summer Workshop provided negotiation skills on core NATO issues, including strategic decision making under multiple constraints to be applied in the subsequent NATO Model Event 2016.


The 35 selected students will have a unique chance to interact with - and contribute to - a top-level network of NATO personnel, NATO experts and academics to pursue knowledge-sharing on NATO, its current and future strategies, through cross-fertilization between the policy and academic worlds. The Nato Model Event is one of the best programmes of this kind to be offered in Europe, under the prestigious aegis of ACT – Academic Outreach and the University of Bologna. It allows a diversified community (students, scholars and practicioners) to share, discuss and practice on multilateral crisis negotiation in the North Atlantic Council (NAC). The Model Event intends to contribute to the debate on the multilateral management of security issues by raising awareness among selected highly performing students, from Unibo and Partner Universities, on NATO Alliance and its adaptation to the changing security environment both at the global and at the regional level.


Eligible students from the University of Bologna have been selected through a competitive Unibo Call, while the selection of International Students has been managed directly by Partner Universities.

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